Reinvent your Business

What if COVID-19 is a reset-button to future-proof your business?

With Day Two we offer you an instant creative business lab.

In only four days, we embrace your strategic challenges and come up with a creative business solution. This solution is not only prototyped, but also tested by your audience.


How does it work?

We shrunk the innovation process into a powerful four days program.

No matter what we talk about: brand, product, purpose or service, the Day Two Design Sprint combines the best of foresight, design thinking and storytelling to make your business futureproof. 


During the Sprint, we bring you for four days in do-mode with the best creatives in our network


Why throw the Day Two

Design Sprint?


We don’t do brainstorms. We conduct a process of iterations that fit together.

A Design Sprint liberates you from a complexity of meetings, delays and messiness.


Our Design Sprint is the ultimate instrument of alignment for your team.

Everyone is heard, it boosts motivation and brings people on the same page.


In a Design Sprint it is more important to move on, than to be right. 

A Design Sprint is measurable. In four days we have a large set of tangible results.


What will happen?


We start wholebrain thinking

On the first day, we map our key challenge and sketch solutions. Oh yes, we also power the process with a serious dose of foresight practices and inspirational trend observations.


Add some magic

On the second day, we iterate creative ideas into various expressions. After that, we turn them into one: the full journey from your audience perspective


Making it real

On the third day, we’ll turn your solution into something tangible. We end up with a prototype and a user journey that is ready to test.


Testing with real people

On the fourth day, we perform small data research by testing our prototype ‘in-vivo'. We invite five up to ten people to test the prototype in terms of user experience. After that, we know sharply what further action to take.

From now on, the solution is yours


Meet the team

Meet Wannes

Expert Marketing and Sustainability

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Meet Stefaan

Expert Foresight and Innovation Strategy

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Meet Henk

Consumer Psychologist and Strategist

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Meet Bieke

Business Manager

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Meet Sarah

Business Developer

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Meet Bouke

Creative Director

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Day Two has an open structure. Depending on your industry and challenge, we’ll bring the right experts on the table. 


In our nearby network we have experts in the field of biodesign, circular economy, biodiversity, online marketing, AR and VR, energy transition, geo-political trends, behavioral economics, AI, urbanization, smart mobility, and many more.

Day Two is a collaboration between bigtrees and Stefaan Vandist​.



Wat na Covid-19?

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